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    Thanks for all the help you provide to so many users.
    I'm having what seems to be a similar and related problem. I have an older Sony Viao Laptop, and installed a new 2TB SSD drive to turn the laptop into a dedicated VortexBox. I tried to install 2.4 using a ISO on CD. Things seem to go fairly well. But the end result: I get Forbidden: 404 error messages.
    I can actually see the VB in CryptoTerm, and communicate with it. Likewise I can see it using an IP scanner. But I get a log-in box and enter "root" and "vortexbox", but this is rejected. Any Ideas? I have seen others write about the same problem, and the suggested solution is: REBOOT!.
    I've done that, I've tried VB 2.3 AND 2.5 (that version would not install properly), but I can't get past the log-in screen.

    Any ideas? I've tried to re-install several times as well....



  • Jack Casual

    Thanks for your response. I have tried using the Windows GUI, but I get the dreaded white screen:
    403 Forbidden

    I just can't seem to get to it from any Windows browser. I have no idea what the username and passwords are, I am using the defaults. I posted a more thorough description of the problem today on the forum that may tell you more about what I've run into since I contacted you....
    I have had a stand-alone VBA built by Small Green computer for about seven years. I've had problems from time to time, but this is very stubborn! As mentioned in my other post, there seems to be issues with the command set for the VBA as well, since I can't check for updates or setup partitions , as it tells me the commands are not recognized. Don't know if this is a related problem or two separate ones....
    Any other ideas are very welcome!

    Thanks again,


  • Doris1997
    Hi and thank you for your gracious comment .., you have to use your web browser to access the Vortexbox GUI just type in your web browser the vortexbox IP address to access the GUI.
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