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Help with upgrading an older VortexBox Appliance.

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    Help. I have spent the last couple hours reading forum posts and image directions. I am stuck. I found earlier posts helpful but I am still stuck. I have an older Vortexbox running Fedora 20 with VB2.3. I downloaded the Vortezbox24 zip file onto a USB. Unzipped it and update it to be bootable. Swapped out the hard drive with a test drive, just in case things go south. Installed the USB in the Vortexbox and booted. The Vortexbox boots and then stops on a command prompt: "boot:" Not sure what I should type in or if I did something wrong. If anyone has answer I would greatly appreciate it.


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      Basic ... I recommend burning the non zipped iso file to a CDR to do the 2.4 upgrade that works well, be sure to make the cd drive the first boot device in bios and when installing you must have a working ethernet connection & have that working Ethernet connection connected to your VortexBox
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        Watch out for IP address changes especially when swapping out hard drives back and forth !
        Read up on creating a static or reserved IP address!


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          Originally posted by agillis View Post

          No it installs from a bootable USB key.
          So I followed the directions to install 2.5 and could not get it to work but just installed 2.4 from the CD ISO no problem .... Do you have any tips on making the bootable USB other than the directions. I could run another version of linux no problem from the USB slot on another thumb drive no issue


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            Did you go into bios (boot order) and make usb the boot device?


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              Yep I did that .... I put the zip on my thumb drive and un zipped it then ran the bat file... I think the clonezilla stage is what I messed up


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                03-29-2019, 02:05 PM
                Originally posted by SeanMiddleton View Post

                Hi Andrew:

                “What could cause the USB key to boot into Clonezilla, rather than the VB 2.5 installation sequence ?? This is what the USB key does on my motherboard.”

                Xobxetrov” ...

                replied by member “Dyohn”:

                1) “You need a monitor and keyboard attached to your installation target, and on the first screen after booting to the USB drive, select the "Vortexbox 2.5 Beta" selection using the arrow up key on your keyboard, then press enter.”

                continued by me ...

                2) It’s Extremely Important that you read and throughly understand pages 3-5 of the below link:


                Should you need further assistance you should address the above linked thread.
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                  Great post for fixing CD ripping: