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Help with upgrading an older VortexBox Appliance.

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    Yes, Doris, I figure I will need a lot of luck. I don't know how often the Vortexbox guru's actually read these posts. I figure that relying on a blog to resolve a problem like this means that my music system could easily be down for many weeks. I remember seeing the post of one poor guy who asked if there was a way he could just send in his machine and have an expert make whatever software changes necessary. That's the problem with this technology. You can't just take it into your local computer shop and relying on blogs is just about the worst way to resolve a computer problem when you want to get things done right away.

    By the way, for any guru who might be reading this thread, regarding the inability to connect to the music server, I realize that perhaps the IP address may now be different, so I also tried using this address:

    It comes back with a web page that says:

    No music servers found on your network.

    And yes, I do have a wire connected from my Vortexbox to my router and the machine is indeed powered on.


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      When I try:

      It comes back with the same message you received ... "No music servers found on your network".

      Log in again at the command line of your Vortexbox Appliance:

      Use the command line to find out the IP address of your Vortexbox:

      [[email protected] ~]# ifconfig

      Type the above at the prompt ... ifconfig (to find out your new IP address to access the web interface using your browser).

      I sent you a personal message with my contact info:

      You can use the below link to learn to configure the Squeezelite player:
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        Thanks, Doris. I will try to get to it tomorrow evening after work. I find working on this stuff a real struggle during the workweek due to time constraints, but I sure appreciate your help!


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          Doris, I don't think any of the gurus are going to help me with this so I decided the best thing to do is to simply replace my internal drive with that 3TB drive like you suggested initially and just reinstall the upgrade from the ISO disk. I expect the new drive to arrive in a few days.

          Until the gurus provide a script to run that would enable a user to configure an external drive for storing the music, there is no sense in me pursuing that direction. Contrary to whatever the guru wrote when putting together the instructions on the Wiki page here about doing that, there ARE things that one needs to understand about Unix when executing the instructions there. They should really test such instructions with people like me who have no knowledge of Unix to see where the problems arise. I had to spend a couple hours on Unix tutorial websites trying to understand what was meant by some things that the guru thought too trivial to mention -- and am still unclear as to other things. And with no discussion of how to handle errors that appear, then it is of very limited value. If they assume that people who use this technology are all Unix programmers, then my suggestion is meaningless, but I doubt I am the only non-Unix person using SqueezeBox devices. Those of us who aren't Unix programmers really need scripts to run that can do proper and extensive error handling, or even better, a stand-alone Windows app or web page that could handle the configuration. Typing Unix commands is just not the way to go for someone not familiar with Unix. I love what the Vortexbox is all about, I love what Andrew and Small Green Computer did to make it work so well -- and yes, it HAS served me very well -- but this reliance upon Unix is a real downer for me. People like me need to be TOTALLY shielded from it. It can be done.

          That last email you sent is going to be very important to get my devices working again as well -- and again Doris, I really appreciate your help with this. I will let you know how it works out.


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            Great Dave, "Fedora Linux" is what you need to be good at ... You definitely went wrong by trying to install to an external USB drive, you do need to know a few things to do that correctly ... you also would have still had your original "Player Configuration" settings had you still had your 'Fail Safe original internal drive" with your original Vortexbox software version with all your settings still available ... another question to the forum would have stopped you from going the external USB drive route without having the required expertise ...

            You should be fine now, if you do not understand how to use the player configuration link I posted you will have to ask the forum or Andrew since I never had the need to use it.

            Andrew may still have your settings archived that he can e-mail to you.

            May the force be with you!
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              Hi Doris!

              I just wanted to give you an update:

              Today, I was able to replace the 1TB drive with a 3TB drive and reinstalled the 2.4 OS from the ISO disk. I used the ifconfig command to get the IP address as you suggested and successfully was able to open the Vortexbox web page from my Windows desktop browser and all the music is now loaded into LMS. Took all day.

              I am now trying to understand how the player configuration page works. That Squeezelite page link you gave me seems to be the key to configuring it. I will attempt that tomorrow morning. I will try to work from the example, but I am pretty sure that I will need some help with it from Andrew since the instructions are incomplete.

              Again Doris, I can't thank you enough for getting me this far!
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                Hi Dave Your Welcome, that's Great!

                I check this thread regularly to monitor your progress,
                I feel just a little & I mean just a little responsible for your predicament.

                I have appended my original upgrade install procedure on this thread to help all who may use it to avoid the problems you encountered!

                May The Force Be With You And Everyone here in all these Vortexbox Matters! ... Good Luck Dave.
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                  Doris, it turns out that the first link to Squeezelite that you gave me the other day was actually all that I needed. I found both of my S/PDIF devices in the devices list after starting Putty and the system automatically assigned the MAC address as desired. The important thing whenever using Squeezelite is that you need to have the optical cables SECURELY connected to the Vortexbox before running the program. In my case, last night one of the cables was loose so only one of the devices appeared -- making me think that I didn't understand something about the configuration settings. It's amazing how such stupid things like that can send a person into a panic when the software stuff is so opaque.

                  The result is that I now have two stereo amps connected via optical cables, three other systems (including a Logitech Boom box) connected by WiFi, and my iPad connected using SqueezePad. And, the new backup drive is also recognized properly. I was really afraid that I was going to have to get into resetting network addresses on the various devices, but that wasn't necessary. And best of all, I can now add another two terabytes of music onto my system -- of which there is no way possible that I can ever find time to listen to even half of it in my lifetime. But just the THOUGHT that it is all there is quite satisfying.

                  I don't have a clue as to what advantages ver 2.4 of Vortexbox brings me but when I was going through the site trying to get myself out of the mess I was in, I noticed that some people were doing some fancy things although I didn't understand what they were talking about. My own needs are pretty well set now I think: Outside the home, I use software called "Musichi" for playing music on a Windows tablet when driving to work or going on long walks. I use the Vortexbox backup program to download the music onto a SSD that I connect to it. Combine that with a USB DAC to bypass the crappy internal ones in the tablets, it works great. But Musichi doesn't have an interface that is really geared for tablets, so Doris, if you know a good player similar to LMS that is good for tablets (meaning that it has big buttons and large text), please let me know.

                  BTW: Using the Apple-based, SqueezePad program for playing music is pretty slick as it handles classical music and flac files well and can be used to select the music for all the players instead of those tiny handhelds that come with the Logitech devices. And if you use the iPad 1, instead of the later versions of iPad, you will find that it has an audiophile-level DAC built-in, unlike any later iPads or tablets -- or laptops for that matter -- made by any other manufacturer, meaning that you can get audiophile-level music just by connecting good headphones. So, there is an advantage of having those old, iPads -- even if they don't do anything else.

                  So like I say, Doris, if you know of a good software package for playing the music on a Windows tablet, please let me know. And btw: you certainly weren't responsible for my predicament in any way whatsoever, so put that thought out of your mind!
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                    Dave ... Believe me I know that I was not responsible!
                    Happy that all is working for you as it was once more.
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                      Excuse me, but I am getting confused about where to pick up or send messages on this site. I see now that Andrew left me a message and you left me a message in a couple different places. Anyway, the loose optical cable was causing me some confusion late last night, but I got that quickly resolved this morning. I wasn't able to get the external USB drive for storing the online music library configured and instead followed your suggestion in just replacing the 1TB drive with at 3TB drive. I am using the external TB drive I had originally now as the backup drive.

                      The result is that all is working well now and I am truly grateful for your willingness to help.


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                        Happy that all is working for you as it was once more:
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                          I don't think that's what I really want since that Squeezelite seems to be tied to the Squeezebox server's database. I need something that I can load on my tablet so that I can just stick it in my knapsack and go for a hike: a standalone, portable system.


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                            Can we burn & install 2.5 beta from a CD?


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                              Originally posted by Doris1997 View Post
                              Can we burn & install 2.5 beta from a CD?
                              No it installs from a bootable USB key.


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                                Can a 2010 VBA’s bios be configured to be USB bootable?