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Help with upgrading an older VortexBox Appliance.

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  • Help with upgrading an older VortexBox Appliance.

    I have an old VB Appliance 2TB CD Ripping NAS running Vortex SW1.6, fedora 14, LMS 7.5.1 Can I anyone talk me through upgrading to version 2.3?
    I have tried through the UI upgrade panel and the log returns:
    08/01/2017 13:36:28 - Starting upgrade. (This can take a long time...) Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit 08/01/2017 13:36:34 - Upgrade complete. Please reboot your VortexBox.
    But after reboot, nothing has changed.
    I am not too savvy technically, so any guidance would be appreciated.
    I've put this appliance back in service after a long downtime and would really like to get the most current LMS player.

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    You can only update to a newer version of Fedora and VB by reinstalling. Here's a link for both VB 2.3 and 2.4. If your VB appliance has a 64 bit processor you can go to 2.4. Both versions include LMS 7.9.1
    Be sure to backup your music library before you start.


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      Thank you for replying so quickly. I'm thinking this is over my head.
      Is there somewhere I could send my Appliance in and have it updated?


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        Just upgraded mine from Ver. 2.2 to 2.3 it really was not difficult use the older 2.3 iso the newer one seems to hang with older appliances (do backup your fies to a usb drive)!


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          Thank you Dorris1997 - can I ask a couple of questions? Do I need to connect a keyboard and monitor to the appliance for the reinstall? Is there a way to do it from my PC on the network - like if I boot my PC to Unbutu? Can you tell me the steps you used?


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            You should connect a monitor keyboard and have a ethernet connection.

            I purchased a new hard drive and removed the old active drive and installed the blank new one (just in case something went wrong) !
            (after step one) I installed the new drive and continued with step 2).

            1) Back up your data using the Vortexbox GUI backup app.& select copy to USB backup

            2) Download the old 2.3 iso (the one near the bottom of the wiki page) (the newer 2.3 iso would not install on my old appliance, nor would the USB install).

            3) Then burn it to a 700mb CD-R using the free iso disc burning program that you can download using the link that's on this forums wiki page, put the disc in the drive close the tray and reboot the appliance.

            When the tray opens (this takes some time) remove the disc close the tray, the installation will continue (this to will take some time) the appliance will reboot when the install is finished.

            4) Login to your appliance, restore your data using the same Vortexbox GUI app however this time select restore from USB backup.

            Excellent detailed instructions are on this forums wiki and you should use them as well.


            The above link is for the old 2.3 iso install instructions.

            Remember to remove the power cord & beware of static discharge from your hands when handling electronics & take care removing the cables from the old hard drive.

            1) You will need an external USB drive that can backup what's on your 2TB drive internal drive.
            2) You should purchase another 2TB internal drive to swap out your active internal drive.
            3) Buy a box of blank 700mb CD-R's

            Should you decide to try;

            May the force be with you.

            Are you in New York City?
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              Yes, i am in NYC.
              Thank you so much - this is brilliant! Especially using the new drive, which I never would have thought of.
              I really appreciate your taking the time to list this out for me. I'm going to get all of the gear together and give it a go!
              Much appreciated. Hopefully, success will be reported soon!


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                You really should have a monitor hooked up to see what's going on. I'm surprised that Doris got it done going blind! Glad it's working for you. The approach for 2.4 is the same, although 2.3 with LMS 7.9.1 will be fine.


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                  Yes your right Jimmi ... I should have mentioned about the monitor and edited my post to indicate so ... I guess I got lucky pressing enter at the right time on my keyboard.

                  I just checked and discovered that with the old Ver.2.3 Vortexbox install the correct install for full version is automatically highlighted so all one needs to do is press enter .... That!s how I got lucky you have to have an Ethernet connection since the rest of the install is downloaded.

                  Thanks for your help with me!
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                    Once I got 2.3 installed I used putty on a windows machine to find out that my appliance with no video out is 64bit ... however I could never get 2.4 to install it would hang immediately at start of install when using the CD or bootable USB stick. So I am happy with the blind install of ver. 2.3!


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                      Well Jimmi as you suggested I found an exact replacement system board on eBay that fixed my VGA output problem and now being able to see the Vortexbox 2.4 install progress I am happy to say I am now at 2.4 ... Now to get Spodify working! Thanks!