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VBA won't POST, won't boot. Seeking suggestions

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  • VBA won't POST, won't boot. Seeking suggestions

    I have a VortexBox Appliance - an old one. Atom processor, model number from the UPC is 6496, about the size of a decent dictionary. I can power on the device, get the blue on/off light, I can hear the HDD spin up and come out of park, the case fan is spinning and.... nothing. It won't POST. No beep code, no signal to the monitor, nada. I have monitor and keyboard attached. I have reseated everything on the MoBo. I have even tried my 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 VB disks knowing that if there is no POST there is no dice. I have not tried a new coin battery yet - the store is further away than my fridge full of beer!

    I would love a suggestion or two because I am stuck.
    Best Regards,

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    When you turn on the appliance is there any message on the screen?


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      Heya pclinux, I tried to get that info in the first post and maybe it wasn't clear, my bad. There is no signal to the monitor whatsoever. Amusingly the monitor's firmware generated "No Signal" pop-up will go away whenever the analog vga cable is plugged in - but the on/off light eventually goes amber and there is absolutely nothing on the screen. Disconnecting the cable resumes the "No Signal" pop-up. I have read where the power supply could be the issue and will go after that next. If anyone knows of a compatible model let me know!

      Thanks All.


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        OK, for those of you keeping score, i sorted it out. I had a closer (Read, more sober) look at the mobo and like a ton of bricks I saw the totally obvious - capacitors bulging and one even split and oozing! So, my MSI 7418 MoBo needs a replacement. Pretty straightforward now! There is no way i can still buy that thing... Anyone out there have any suggestions?

        Thanks All


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          You could try replacing the capacitors, if you know how to hold a soldering iron. They are usually pretty cheap so you have little to lose.