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Replace DVD Drive With 2nd Hard Drive

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  • Replace DVD Drive With 2nd Hard Drive

    Sorry if this seems to be a very basic question.

    I've been running my VB from an Aywun A1-8989 Cube Mini-ITX Case for some years now. It has a 2TB hard drive (for music files only) and the DVD drive.

    The only time I've ever used the DVD drive is when I have loaded an upgrade disc. I always use my Windows 7 PC to rip music files and then cut/paste across to the VB.

    Recently I upgraded to VB v2.4 using a bootable USB. All went smoothly and I would assume that future upgrades will be available with the USB option.

    Just wondering, should I ever need extra storage space in the VB, whether I can replace the DVD drive with another, say 2TB hard drive?

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    This, I think is a very good question...sorry i can't help you now. But my first thought is the way the "file allocation is laid down -during the format (install) procedure.....VB is based on Fedora OS which is a spin off of RedHat linux....(so there is "tons"-of reading to do-because the documentantion is so well laid out). In the future you won't be the only one asking...Hope there is a simple solution for you...I'm curious if there some simple answer..- other than a brand new reinstall.


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      You can do that.


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        agillis - thank you for that link.