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Can I make VB2.4 install as MBR/Legacy instead of GPT/UEFI?

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  • Can I make VB2.4 install as MBR/Legacy instead of GPT/UEFI?

    The VB2.4 bootable USB doesn't offer any choices about setup, so it cleans the disk and makes it into a GPT format.

    That means I can't clone the partitions and make the dual boot setup I initially envisaged.

    IS there a way of forcing the bootable USB to use MBR/Legacy during its setup? Or perhaps a way of converting it afterwards to MBR and still be bootable?

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    If the system you install first is Windows or Linux why not install virtualbox or vmware and put virtualbox inside the virtualbox or vmware.


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      I got both the dual-boot Vortexbox software (runs quietly & efficiently as server software) and the W10 backup +VM version of Vortexbox working in the end. Neither Hyper-V nor VMWare were plug&play - which I'm sure were solvable problems given enough googling- but Virtualbox ran the Vortexbox 2.5 OVF version like a charm.

      The 2012 vintage laptop only has 6GB RAM so running both W10 & a VM that uses 2GB is pushing it a bit & the fan comes on a fair bit as swap files kick in. It runs quietly & with loads of overhead (seen on PHPSysInfo) when booted into Linux running the VB2.5 software.