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  • VB/Bluesound

    I've been a VB user for over 10 years and for the last 6 or so have enjoyed a Bluesound system, controlling the music via a Bluesound app which requires me to link to the location of the music files on the VB. The reasons aren't important, but that link has been broken and I need to recreate it. Should be straightforward but I'm a technophobe and I've had no luck in doing so.

    The Bluesound app finds the VB and simply requires me to choose the appropriate location which even I can do. It then asks me for a User Name and P/W, in both cases 'if required'. My assumption is that these refer to the VB and therein lies my problem. I don't recall ever having set a P/W so my first question is - how can I recover this? And the second question - is my User Name the same as the User Name which I use to sign into this Forum?

    Hope someone will take pity on me - thanks in advance,


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    Did you try leaving these fields blank, as in not required ?
    see the wiki about accessing your files[]=share

    if you want to login to your Vortexbox see the wiki
    when it wasn't changed during installing your login should be root, password vortexbox



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      Hi bart,

      Thanks for the response.

      Yes, I did try leaving them blank. The Bluesound GUI asks for them 'if required' but leaving them blank makes no difference. In fact, that's why I'm trying to figure out what my VB User Name and P/W are in case it is exactly these details which 'are required'. Using root and vortexbox doesn't do the trick ... :-(

      I'm going to try now the Bluesound forums and will hopefully get some joy there.




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        Here is what I heard back from Bluesound:
        "I can see that your NAS utilizes NTLM authentication to mount the device.

        Our Product Development and Quality Assurance team confirmed that BluOS 3.18.7 includes a security patch to protect the product from possible ransomware attacks due to a network vulnerability. Since this vulnerability resulted from Microsoft's NTLM authentication, we disabled it for file sharing to avoid potential attacks. Note that Microsoft has also phased out NTLM from Windows.

        Unfortunately, NTLMv1 is still the only security authentication used in Apple Time Capsules, for which Apple has not provided an update since early 2019. Like the time capsule, some older NAS devices and older ISP-provided routers also use the outdated NTLM authentication method.

        BluOS will no longer support devices with outdated NTLM authentication to avoid security concerns, as mentioned above.

        If you are experiencing this issue, please review the NAS/router security settings and change the authentication method from NTLMv1 to any latest security protocol. Contact the NAS manufacturer or ISP for a security authentication update to the NAS/router firmware.

        Alternatively, you can directly mount the USB drive to the BluOS Player instead of the ISP router until the router or NAS security settings are updated."

        Which leaves me (a technophobe, don't forget) with the obvious question of how to 'change the authentication method from NTLMv1 to any latest security protocol'.

        Any help would be much appreciated!




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          Vortexbox operating system is based on a pretty old linux system. So the chance of it updating authentication method is pretty low. If I were you, I'd copy all my music files on the Vortexbox to a USB drive and attach that directly to your Bluesound.
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            Hi gary,

            Thanks for the comment and advice.

            So, bearing in mind that I'm a technophobe, one more question please. If you know the Bluesound product range, I have a Powernode (amplifier and streamer) and several 'satellite' powered speakers. Presumably, I would connect the USB drive to the Powernode?

            Stupid question, probably, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.




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              No clue about the bluesound products. sorry.