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    I have a VB which I purchased new many years ago. I haven't used it in a long time and I am using a new computer and do not know how to get to the VB GUI interface. I tried clicking on the "MyVortexbox" link but apparently that doesn't work anymore. Cam someone help me to access the GUI? Thanks. Sorry for the basic question but I am a newbie.

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    The VB GUI is going to be found at the IP address for the VB device on your network, and you will first need to confirm your router 'discovered' it.
    Depending on your home network and router, you should have some way to initiate a network scan that reveals the network map, and if you're lucky you may find the Vortexbox listed with its IP address.
    IF so, just enter that IP address into your browser and you will have the GUI

    If you can't find the VB on your network, you may try rebooting your router while the VB is up and running, hopefully the router scans the network as it starts up and finds the VB to let you see the IP address.

    Of course, you need to be certain the VB is running, but if you can't find it on the network and do not have it's IP address yet, you may need to use an IP scanner (lots of simple free apps are available, just google "IP Scanner".) OR you can connect a monitor and keyboard directly to your VB and boot it up, and login as 'root' with password 'vortexbox' as those are the default. After that, you are at the command line, and you can paste of type 'ifconfig' (without the single quotes) hit enter, and you will then see address you want as 'inet' . Use that IP address in browser and bookmark it as the VB GUI
    If you have a healthy VB running, connecting a monitor and keyboard and logging in directly is

    IF you still have issues, describe what your VB device is, how it is connected to your network, what your router GUI shows for network map, etc..

    Good luck, hope you can get this VB discovered and bookmarked !


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      Thank you John. I was able to do it thanks to your help. My router wasn't recognizing the VB so I rebooted the router and voila, there it was.
      If you happen to read this post - as mentioned I haven't used my VB in a very long time. I notice that this forum is not as robust as it used to be. Is the VB not being supported anymore?
      That would be a shame. What does it mean for using my device going forward?


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        Glad to hear you found the VB on the network, I've had to reboot my router to discover network devices myself a few times each year, as phones, VB, etc can disappear..
        As for the slowness here, it is true, there appears to be no more help from Andrew for updates, but he has promised to keep it viable *considering we paid him for the VB appliance there should be some sort of support obligation.*

        I really like VB but do have concerns about the old version of Fedora VB runs on, would really feel more secure if the build was on a newer version that had active continuous improvements.
        Andrew's focus seems to be on the higer end products sold at his "Small Green Computer" store and it's a far leap from when they sold me the VB appliance.
        SGC has a support forum for the new products:

        For myself, before I'd consider purchasing anything like their $4800 Signature Rendu SE optical Level II, there'd have to be no doubt about the vendor and any relation they had to SW over lifetime, and the experience with VB would be top of mind... Andrew did make a release in 2019 for VB 2.5, but even that never got past the BETA version that's available on the VB images page, so if they can't find time to change the name don't expect much else to happen, really a shame.

        But I do want to keep using VB, and have not really tried too much else that I like yet to replace it.
        I keep reading about the alternatives, although my hope would be someone found a way to inject new life into the Vortexbox

        BACK to your original issue you had, where the VB was not found on the network - there's something else you might consider doing now while you can access the GUI.
        The IP address that was found is something you want to bookmark, but that IP address could change if your router decides to do that, and then your bookmark won't reach the GUI.
        To prevent that you can set a static IP address for VB instead of letting it get assigned DHCP, a static address lets you retain your known path to the GUI
        Here's the wiki on it:
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          Thanks John for all your help. You're a good man. I will take your advice and save with a static IP. It's a real shame that Andrew has stopped updating and supporting his clients who invested good money on his products. Quite frankly I don't believe that investing thousands in a new audiophile appliance will make one iota of improvement in audio quality. But that's just my opinion. So since I am still on 2.2 what will happen if I try to rip a cd? Will it work?


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            Originally posted by Spirit84 View Post
            So since I am still on 2.2 what will happen if I try to rip a cd? Will it work?
            The link to the database which the VB ripper used is broken (or the database doesn't exist anymore - I don't recall which) so if you rip a CD using 2.2, you will get a playable rip but there will be no album, track or artist data associated with the rip (it'll just be Unknown Album, Unknown Artist and Track No) and no artwork will be retrieved. Someone on this forum came up with a work-around to point the ripper at another working database which fixed everything except artwork, but I'm not sure if it ever made its way into the 2.5 code. I suspect you have to edit a configuration file manually. It's a real shame.


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              Thanks Fifer for the info. You know, this leaves a really bad taste in me. I bought my unit from Small Green Computer many years ago and I never anticipated that the software support would be eliminated. If Andrew is unwell then I understand but it appears that he is selling very expensive gear so I assume he is fine.
              I would guess that there must be many machines around the world that are now basically large door stops. very disheartening.


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                I am doing very well, thanks.

                All Small Green Computer products are supported for life. Go to and click on contact us. You can submit a support ticket.


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                  Originally posted by agillis View Post
                  I am doing very well, thanks.

                  All Small Green Computer products are supported for life. Go to and click on contact us. You can submit a support ticket.
                  I am pleased to know that you are ok Andrew.
                  I apologize to you if I offended.
                  I will submit a ticket on SGC.