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Has anyone solved the missing cover art issue?

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  • Has anyone solved the missing cover art issue?

    I've got the cd info sorted with the fix posted earlier but I still can't get cover art, has anyone got it back?

    Failing that, is there a simple way to get all the cover art with some sort of scan of the music folder, or alternatively a scan of my windows formatted back up drive (which I backup manually by dragging and dropping files from my Vortexbox)?

    I've got Bliss but it's been saying I've run out of tags for a long time and I don't know why that is, if anyone else knows? Or if it gets cover art or just tagging info.

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    PerfectTunes can scan your library and add covers. It's not free though. (it's from the maker of dbpoweramp, a high quality secure CD ripper/music converter).


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      Thanks as an owner of a supposedly lifetime license for Bliss that no longer works it does gall me to have to pay for another service, so I'm really looking for something that's free and bulk analyses my music library to add the art.


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        I understand. Vortexbox is not Bliss. It just allows you to access bliss.


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          I thought Vortexbox originally had a routine that looked at Google images and Amazon and tagged albums with the best match. I know Amazon has restricted access, but another thread suggests the Google query just needs a tweak to get it working again as Google changed the way it works. Im happy to have a go if someone can point me in the right direction.