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Can't configure Sms-1000a in Vortexbox 2.2

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  • Can't configure Sms-1000a in Vortexbox 2.2

    I recently purchased a used Sms-1000a, but I can't configure it in Vortexbox 2.2.
    I have the network cable attached to the sms1000 and the unbalanced RCA output to the aux input of a stereo receiver.
    Please see the attaches photo. Could anyone let me know what I'm missing? I looked into the manual but could not figure it out.
    Thanks in advance.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20211028-213248_Samsung Internet.jpg
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    It may help to use the device name found in the ALSA device list ?
    eg. hw:Intel,0


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      Thanks for the suggestion.
      i tried that but still nothing shows up under the ALSA device list.


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        Is this the device ?
        The specifications show usb +3 digital outputs and and an internal DAC.

        The ALSA device list should show the available digital outputs, usb, coax, optical and AES.
        The stereo RCA outputs will be from the internal dac,

        I think you need to do some trouble shooting, probably starting with opening up the case and checking exactly what you have internally and that all the internal components are present and connected correctly.
        A photo of the rear panel and of the internals might help.