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Vortexbox not recognized by Network after new Modem installed

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  • Vortexbox not recognized by Network after new Modem installed

    New here. I've had a vortex box about 5-6 years. All my CDs are ripped to it. Got a new modem and suddenly the vortexbox isn't showing up on my network or SONOS app. Any help will be appreciated. I am not a computer tech, just a user so please help me. Simple language will be appreciated!

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    hi i have moved house so have changed internet provider and the new one has a router with a range old one was trouble is my VB is on a static ip any quick solution to getting access to the VB? thanks



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      Thank you Bart, for replying. Please forgive me but I am not very computer literate. I only have my laptop so how do I connect it to my vortexbox? I tried using a modem cable but it didn't seem to work. Do you have any suggestions?


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        see the WIKI, you'll have to connect a keyboard and a monitor to the Vortexbox

        good luck,


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          Ok, but can I use my laptop as I don't have a separate monitor and keyboard. Also, what type of cable is used for this connection?


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            Sorry, you need to connect directly into the computer to reset the network settings
            Maybe you can borrow a monitor and keyboard from someone or maybe even better, take your vortexbox to someone to perform the reset (a repairshop could also do the trick).

            Another solution could become a little tricky, but if your old modem is still around and fuctioning you are maybe able to build a little network with the old modem, vortexbox and laptop using network cables.
            Once the network is up you can use the Network Configuration page in the VB GUI to chance your network settings
            see also

            good luck