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Vortexbox v2.5 Image Creation Issue

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  • Vortexbox v2.5 Image Creation Issue

    Hello all, I'm trying to create the USB image to update an older Vortexbox 2.4 machine but while I can download the v2.5 image and unzip it I can't get the make boot portion to run.

    So, has anyone created the Vortexbox 2.5 image recently and had the make boot (64 bit) actually create a bootable USB device?

    Note that I tried multiple USB flash drives (all 64 GB) and on different machines with both a UEFI and Legacy BIOS systems.

    Finally, has anyone heard from Andrew on when or if he will update the version of Fedora?

    Thanks, Bill

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    Well it seems I was not alone in trying to update a Vortexbox v2.4 image. User 'slavedata' also discovered that the make boot portion of the upgrade also did not work. 'Slavedata' referenced an article in 'Fedora Magazine' that detailed the simple process of upgrading an existing v2.4 system to the v2.5 Fedora 25 version.

    Like he did, I followed the instructions and I was also pleased to see that the update worked fine. All Vortexbox functions and menus were retained.

    However, this does not solve the initial problem of creating a bootable image for those who wish to install Vortexbox from scratch. Hopefully Andrew will show the Vortexbox software some love and update the image in the near future.

    Mr. Bill