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Had to reinstall Vortex Box

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  • Had to reinstall Vortex Box

    Hello, I have a two drive system. The OS is the 2.5v on a 120g SSD. Music is on 3T HDD. The OS took a dive, so I had to reinstall. I unplugged the music HDD before I installed the OS. Is there a way to add the 3t HDD without reformatting it, so it shows both drives up on the home screen of Vortex Box.
    I do have things backed up, but was wondering if it could just be added.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello, I did a lot of digging into the forum and found the answers. I thought I had booked marked all that at one time way back when, but that's what happens when you get old. HAHA!! All is well now.