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  • Subsonic not working

    I've been using Subsonic on a homebuilt Vortexbox for many years. I mostly listen to music at night using a mix of old cell phones I use as a cheap alternative to iPod Touches. Recently I've been getting an HTTP ERROR: 503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE error when trying to log into Subsonic. Anyone know what's changed at Subsonic to cause this.

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    This has just happened to me too. Any ideas?


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      This worked for me:

      Refresh Subsonic database after 503 Error

      Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:30 pm

      Refresh Subsonic database after 503 Error

      1. Stop Subsonic "service subsonic stop"
      2. Backup your /var/subsonic/db/subsonic.script file
      This file contains a handful of SQL statements that will be used later to recreate your users, media directory settings, etc.
      "cp /var/subsonic/db/subsonic.script /root/"
      3. Delete the contents of your /var/subsonic/db/ directory "rm /var/subsonic/db/*"
      4. Restore your subsonic.script file "cp /root/subsonic.script /var/subsonic/db/"
      5. Start Subsonic "service subsonic start"

      Your media library will now be empty, you'll want to go to "Settings..." "Media Folders..." and click "Scan media folders now"


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        You don't need to reinstall subsonic. The problem is most likely your Java version. Subsonic requires Java 1.08 and will not run on the newer Java 1.11. You may have run a system update which installed the newer version and/or set it as default.

        No worries as most systems allow you to concurrently install multiple versions of Java for this sort of reason. In Fedora you can switch between versions via the following command

        sudo altenatives --config java

        it will list the installed versions, tell you the default version,and ask if you want to switch. If you don't have java 1.08 installed then you need to

        sudo dnf install java-1.8.0-openjdk.x86_64

        then repeat the command above to choose it as default.

        For this and many other reasons I strongly recommend switching to the newer forked version "airsonic". Subsonic is abandonedware - it is no longer being developed or maintained. Airsonic has many updates under the hood that cause it to run better and faster, and it is functionally equivalent to all subsonic clients. It will also run under newer versions of Java.



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          As I stated in my solution above, I just needed to clean the database rather than reinstalling Subsonic.
          Airsonic may well be a good replacement but i (and many others) don't have sufficient Linux knowledge to install it and make it available from the Vortexbox UI.