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Updating Vortexbox - advice needed for a newby

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  • Updating Vortexbox - advice needed for a newby

    I've been running a Vortexbox Appliance for at least 10 years without issues. However, I would now need to run the TIDAL plugin, so I guess I need to update the software. My starting point is as follows:

    VortexBox SW Version: 2.1

    Linux OS Version: Fedora release 16 (Verne)

    Is there an easy-to-follow guide somewhere on this site (or elsewhere) that would enable me to do this from scratch without knowledge of Linux? And what about the LMS software - is that somehow bundled with the update or what?

    Sorry if this is yawn-inducing for the majority of you - I hope you can overlook my ignorance.

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    LMS is bundled with the install. You'll need to do a complete new install of VB 2.5. It will wipe your harddrive, so make sure you have a backup of your music files. You'll need to connect a monitor and keyboard to your VB to do the install. See:
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      Thank you! I have already backed up the music files, so I'm ready to take the plunge :-)


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        I don't know if you have upgraded your Vortexbox, but after a lot of struggling I have managed to reach Version 2.5 which joy of joy runs LMS 8.2.
        I couldn't get the 2.5 zip file to create a booting MBR. on a memory stick.
        What I did was install the image for 2.4 following the instructions with the image file link.

        Then I followed the upgrade route detailed in this very useful article.

        Worked a treat
        Good Luck
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