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USB/SPDIF convertor stopped working

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  • USB/SPDIF convertor stopped working

    I bought a Singxer convertor (Xmos chip) and it worked beautifully the first day, producing the best sound I've heard from my Zen. Unfortunately the next day there was complete silence, the USB chip is recognised by the Zen and the resolution is passing through to the dac which reports the correct value in the screen. Unfortunately whatever I play there is complete silence.

    The same thing is happening with my new NadM51, I'm aware that may have a compatibility issue, but given the Singxer worked for one day, there must be something I can do surely?

    In case it's relevant, between the successful and unsuccessful attempts with the Singxer I plugged in a new MF M1 dac which worked fine. Can changing DACs sometimes cause changes in the software or settings, and can I reverse it back?

    Is there a log file I can look at to see if anything has changed?

    Thanks for any help in advance.