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8TB disc installed but only 7.2TB available

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  • 8TB disc installed but only 7.2TB available

    Hello I just did an install of version 2.5 but I can see it has completed but 8GB was allocated for tmpfs files (4 of them). Why has this happened as the machine has 4GB of RAM installed and I expected the tmpfs would correspondingly be 4GB and not 8GB, Can any of these tmpfs files be deleted? Of must all be kept? If so why?

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    "tmpfs" is a location programs use for keeping info about programs across reboots. 8 GB out of of 8 TB is not worth any worry.


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      Your drive is reporting it's size minus 800GB. It holds 10% of the drive to prevent drive fragmentation. If you actually copy files to the drive it will let you copy the full 8TB so this space is not lost to you. But then you will get fragmentation and reduced performance.