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Smart TV can't see files using LMS or Plex and Plex won't add to library

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  • Smart TV can't see files using LMS or Plex and Plex won't add to library

    I'm not particularly IT literate but can follow instructions and look stuff up but I'm at my wits end so help would be appreciated.

    I have Vortexbox 2.3 installed on a headless mini pc which I use as a music server (and also some movies) and I also use it for a player in the same room.

    Anyway I we recently bought an LG OLED55C9 TV which is supposed to support flac playback.

    The LMS media server shows up and I can see the folders for each album but it's not seeing the flac files within them.

    I tried installing Plex and it also shows up as a media server. However I can't get Plex to populate the music and movie libraries.

    I've tried using the path \\VORTEXBOX\files\music etc and without the files directory.

    I've also tried using the IP address in place of VORTEXBOX.

    I can see all the files on my pc and, as I said, the directories show up when selecting LMS as the media server, but not the flac files. I also tried adding a couple of mp3 files and couldn't see them either.

    Any ideas? I'm connected via wifi and, in Plex, have allowed it to connect to insecurely.


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    LG TV's might have an issue with flac files. MP3 files should work fine. Try using the Vortexbox web interface and in the Flac Mirroring button activate the MP3 mirroring.

    Flex may need to update the scanning to see the new files


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      I already have MP3 mirror files and it doesn't see them either. I'm wondering whether it's a file permissions thing but don't really have any idea. I was hoping to be able to test how Flac files played by the TV through my DAC sound in comparison to being played through my DIY small, quiet PC with a view to potentially reducing my box count.


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        When you say you cannot see the files have you tried to scan them in using plex?


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          The scans run but nothing is found.


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            You added the music folders and pointed them to /storage/music ?


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              Yes, I tried that path first a few times then tried the files path as an alternative. Nothing is found. I also tried /storage/music/flac as they are organised like that then artist/album/track


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                /storage/music should offer the flac and mp3. Perhaps uninstalling plex and re-installing it with the correct settings will fix the problem.