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Has my Vortexbox died?

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  • Has my Vortexbox died?

    I have a Vortexbox from 2013, still running VB2.2 (I tend to not update anything that works, and it has worked fine until now). Today I did some backups. The first one seems to have worked (very good, I have all music saved in case the Vortexbox really has died), the second one was to a Seagate HD with which the Vortexbox had some trouble in the past, basically meaning that very often I had to reboot after connecting and disconnecting the HD. Today it didn't want to boot anymore with that HD connected. I removed the HD, and still it doesn't boot. I connected a screen and a keyboard. What it does is it shows the MSI screen with "Press DEL for BIOS, press F11 to run boot menu, press TAB to show POST screen". It doesn't go further. The keyboard isn't apparently recognised, I can type what I want (I tried those listed and also return return for bringing up a command line login), no reaction. Is there anything I can do? (The HD seems fine when connected to my Mac.)

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    If your bios is set to 'halt on errors' or similar it may not boot if it doesn't recognise that a keyboard is attached.
    So if the keyboard is not being recognised it could cause this problem. If this is the problem then the best solution is to enter the bios and change the boot settings to allow boot without a keyboard or else to try a different keyboard.


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      Thanks, but... it didn't boot already before the keyboard was attached. This is why I attached the keyboard. Also if it doesn't recognise the keyboard, how can I get into the bios/boot settings?
      I'll try another keyboard in the evening although my intuition is that this was the best and most standard keyboard that I have, so I'd be surprised if another one of mine does the job.


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        Could be time for a new motherboard ?
        There are usually plenty to chose from on ebay !