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  • Stuck on Shairplay

    I am stuck implementing Shairplay in part because I am not sure what I want to accomplish is within its capabilities. I would like to stream from my the Amazon HD music app on my iPad to the LMS. I have installed the Shairplay 2 plug in as described in the Wiki and it appears to be enabled, although its appearance under settings/plug ins doesn't look normal (there is no box with a tick mark but a block that says enable...clicking on the box does nothing). On the Amazon app I see Airplay (not Shairplay or the name of any of my LMS players) listed as a casting option which leads me to believe that Shairplay is actually not enabled. Theoretically is it possible to cast from an iOS device and the Amazon music app to the LMS via Shairplay? In that case, does the iOS device just "take over" LMS with no further adjustments needed on the LMS GUI? Or is it supposed to appear as an app (Shairplay, not Amazon per se)? I am running VB 2.5. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    you might post on the slimdevices forum. More active and shairplay users over there. Seems like an LMS/plugin question in any case (rather than Vortexbox).