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  • VB not available in Windows

    Problem solved using this method (for the info of others):


    There's probably an obvious solution to this problem, however I'm the biggest Luddite there is ....

    I have a VB which I use with the Bluesound system. When I have new music, invariably in the form of FLAC files, I simply find the VB on my network and copy/paste over form my laptop. Simple and I've not had a problem for at least 10 years.

    Now I've just come back from 6 weeks away during which time there was an electrical storm. I heard from neighbours that some people locally had suffered from routers being burned out and other problems. Sure enough, when I got back my router was dead and there was no broadband signal coming into the house. So my system was down.

    BT restored the broadband service this morning and I had a brand new router ready to install - which I have now done. But my laptop (Windows 10) cannot find the VB via File Explorer. Neither can my wife's laptop find it. My laptop can find other network connected devices e.g. a printer/scanner. So with my limited technical knowledge it seems to me not to be a laptop/Windows problem.

    Edit: I should also have said that the Bluesound control app can see the music files and play them without problem. So I'm assuming the VB is still in good shape.

    Can anyone offer any troubleshooting ideas? Also, is there any other way to transfer new music to the VB?


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    I suspect with the new router, your VB has a different IP address (as assigned by the router). Install something like this link to see the ip addresses of all the attached items on your network.


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      Many thanks, Gary - very helpful!