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VB2.5 appliance (OVF) not starting

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  • VB2.5 appliance (OVF) not starting

    I wanted to upgrade to VB2.5 and saw the OVF file option. Given its simplicity and the fact I'm running VirtualBox on a machine I wanted to give this a try.

    Getting the following error when trying to start the VM:

    Kernel driver not installed (RC=-1908)


    The file exists.

    Any idea this won't start? Running on a Dell Optiplex (Fedora32) with 4GB ram and nothing else running at the moment.

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    The kernel driver not installed is a Fedora system warning. Just reboot Fedora and try virtualbox again


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      I noticed I hadn't executed the pre reqs prior to installing VirtualBox. Followed these instructions (https://www.if-not-true-then-false.c...-red-hat-rhel/) and VB2.5 how has started

      Facing two other issues now:

      1) There doesn't seem to be any /storage partition; do I need to run any post installation instructions from here (; i.e. '' and ''
      . If yes do I run these within the console of the virtual machine?

      2) The USB drive is not recognised (try to restore the media library via the USB backup created from VB's backup menu); given this is a virtual machine there may have to be some mapping from the physical hardware to the USB port of the VM
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        Got some updates.

        Re 2) USB even though the USB controller was enabled the default was selected as USB1.1. Once I changed to USB 3.0 the drive was recognised from the VM. So that's good

        Re item 1) I'm still stuck. I ran and and got all kinds of errors.

        So I wonder how this is expected to work.

        Would be great to hear from anyone with a successful setup. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any instructions in getting this installation method to work