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New install of VB2.4 hangs on first reboot

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  • New install of VB2.4 hangs on first reboot

    I'm building a second VB2.4 machine (will upgrade to 2.5 thereafter). Details as follows:
    • Boot from CD
    • Install runs fine until after the dialogue to shutdown, reboot or redo the install
    • I remove the CD and select reboot
    • Then at the message [info] Will now restart the system hangs
    • I force the shutdown via teh power button and when I switch on again there's a message about selecting a proper boot device meaning the installation process must have not completed properly
    • I'm using an Acer XC-603 with a 4TB drive
    Any ideas?

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    If you reboot and wait there might be a prompt to then eject CD. Many Linux systems do that. Ejecting the CD before rebooting may break communication of the OS to the CD.


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      The prompt appears with the options shutdown, reboot, cmd line and start over. I select reboot, a few commands appear, the CD tray opens automatically while the message .... Caching reboot files or similar appears. I remove the CD and press enter and then it hangs

      Could this be a BIOS issue?

      From memory I used the same CD on a Dell OptiPlex without any problems


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        Not sure what is happening as I installed 2.4 a while back. Perhaps this info helps