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Python upgrade on VB2.4

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  • agillis
    Update to VortexBox 2.5. this will give you a better version of Python

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  • tfmeier
    started a topic Python upgrade on VB2.4

    Python upgrade on VB2.4

    Happy user of VB2.4 here.

    However having recently started going into home automation more seriously I want to run home assistant ( and since the VB box is hardly utilised the idea is to run on on there. The code however won't install as I need Python 3.5 and later versions.
    • How can I upgrade the current install to at least Python 3.5 and later?
    • Would VB2.5 run a later version of Python which may resolve the issue?
    • I'm not a Unix expert. Would it be possible make VB on a more recent version of Fedora?
    Thanks for the help guys. Love VB and I really hope to find a solution