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  • The future?

    Andrew, I've been running Vortexbox 2.5 successfully with Roon since you released the beta. I have no real need to change anything. But as the world evolves, will there eventually be an upgrade path, perhaps to the Sonicorbiter OS platform, or to a future version of VB?

    Thanks for a great product!

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    Yes we will keep releasing updates


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      Dear Andrew,

      I have been using Vortexbox for the past eleven years, I purchased a unit from the Australian distributer after having had a bad run with a MusicM8 and I must say I have been very happy with it so much so that I was instrumental in selling another unit once again from the Australian distributer to a friend. However recently I of course experienced the not finding metadata issue, I have now fixed that thanks to advice on the forum, still not getting clip art but I can live with that for now. However I did a trial install of the 2.5 beta and was surprised to find that it appears that you no longer get read only folders all that I seemed to get was two folders marked Keep Out and Storage. I haver found the read only folders to be a fantastic feature to prevent things being screwed up accidentally will the read only folders be in the final version of 2.5 or have you decided to not bother with those any more? I like the feature so much I went back to 2.4 and feel it would be a backward step to not have them. I mentioned in another post that I would be quite happy to pay a subscription to be able to enjoy a better metadata program such as GD3 which I use in EAC if you were able to incorporate such a feature into Vortexbox. I feel that you could stand to make quite a lot of money out of improving the metadata side of things including getting the clip art.

      Thanks once again for all your hard work over the years.


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        We already sell the sonicTransporter server based on our sonicorbiter OS. The sonicTransporter has a great metadata service that we pay a lot of money for. I have been looking into other free services that are not as good but will work for VortexBox.

        Many customer complained about the Read only folders. they found them very confusing so I eliminated them. support requests about folder problems went way down after they went away.

        it's very easy to add them back by editing the SMB configuration file manually.