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Dilema - give up on Napster or risk some sort of upgrade?

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  • Dilema - give up on Napster or risk some sort of upgrade?

    Hi all,

    Apologies if this is a questions more for the Logitech forums, but thought I would try here as there's lots of smart people on the VB forum

    I am using a SB Touch running 7.8.0 r16754, Vortexbox 2.2 with Fedora 16, LMS Server 7.8.0 - 1387542508

    I know I'm running older versions, but my mantra was "if it ain't broken, dont fix it".

    But over the past year Napster would start to have errors, and skip tracks, and now I simply get "RAD format not supported"

    I did a little reading and it seems while I could upgrade to 7.9 and 2.4, its quite a procedure (I used to like the simple Upgrade button on the VB GUI!) - and I'm a nervous nelly!

    So is there a way to fix Napster using my current setup. If not, I may simply stop subscribing to Napster, given I also use Pandora and Spotify, but I do find that Napster/Rhapsody tend to cater for my age group more than Spoitfy which is more my daughters' taste.

    Anyway, as always, any advice welcome.


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    If you have an old unit it probable a good idea to replace the hard drive. Put in a new drive and load the new OS. That way you have the old drive if there is a problem.


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      First the Vortexbox Upgrade Button is still there, BUT it's a misnomer in that it is really only an Update Button (except in the cause where one adds feature packages like PLEX and one might consider that as an upgrade). The Button only updates to the most current Files of the specific version of Vortexbox one is running. In other words, it never allowed one to click on it and go from VBA 2.1 to 2.2 as that is a true Upgrade and NOT an update. An actual Upgrade moving from one version of VBA to the next or all the way up to the highest means a completely new OS which is why it can't be done with a click of the Button. Changing the OS requires that the boot sector be delete and over-written by the new boot of the new OS which means the OS drive has to be formatted which means all data on it will be lost.

      My suggestion would be to verify that your current PC/Server is 64 bit, then back-up ALL your Music and data files, and then do an actual Upgrade to VBA 2.4 which WILL format your system drive and then run LMS 7.9.0. If your PC/Server is 64 Bit, you can move right up to 2.4 skipping over 2.3 for again it isn't an Upgrade it is a completely new install and you will be running Fedora 23 once on VBA 2.4.

      That is my two cents if I were you and the PC/Server is a 64 bit machine.


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        Whats your hardware? From what you have said I'd say cancel napster.

        Personally I'd build a new box, with the latest hardware and then convert everything to the new box. You an get a current generation celeron or pentium inexpensively.


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          Firstly, thank you all for your replies.

          Apologies, I should have mentioned my hardware, its a VB Appliance, similar to this one:

          (Yep, bought in the UK before I moved to the good ol' USofA - I still love this box)

          So, I like Andrew's advice, but that means taking my appliance apart, and figuring out the hard drive replacement. I guess that should not be too hard.(Famous last words)

          Two final questions, given its so long since I did an upgrade:

          1. How does the SB Touch get upgraded - does it just figure that out itself once it reconnects to the new VB2.4/LMS7.9.0?

          2. Where do I find full instructions to do the 2.4 on my appliance? (Wiki only seems to have instructions for Windows. I seem to remember some stickies, probably from Ron, on the old forum...will they get moved across to here, Andrew?)

          Many thanks as always!!


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            You need to determine if that hardware is 64bit capable or 2.4 will not work. Considering the approximate age it may not be.


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              If you a are already running LMS 7.8 then the Touch is on latest firmware. Even if it wasn't, the touch would update automatically when connected to latest lms.


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                OK, so I think I will take the cowards way out. If the only way to fix my Napster problem is to do the 2.4 upgrade, then the risk/reward for me means I'll cancel Napster.

                Thanks for everyone's advice.


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                  I applaud your honesty. Actually it takes courage to say that you are either overmatched or time challeged to do the job. I have gotten too far into many projects and then realized that I either couldn't or didn't have the time to finish.