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Restore after re-install not working

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  • Restore after re-install not working

    Re-installed 2.4 last night after it became corrupted sometime during my vacation period. This went perfectly, but when I went to restore my data from my backup all I get is the titles of the albums/movies and not the content of the files! Checked my backups on my laptop and the data is there. Tried to do a copy and paste and vortexbox told me not enough storage space. Not being extremely computer literate, is it possible that the re-install didn't set up my 2Tb HDD properly. If so, how do I fix it?

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    I'd Suspect the reinstallation of 2.4 is not complete.

    Did you run the scripts ? and


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      Thanks EricJ. You are right, I did not run the scripts. Have now done so and it is restoring correctly. Feel kind of foolish about this.