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cd ripper not artist info because vortexbox says no internet

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  • cd ripper not artist info because vortexbox says no internet


    I have installed vortexbox its all working i.e. I can access the web interface but when ripping I dont get any artist/album info because vortexbox says there is no internet.

    There is.

    I even tried setting a fixed IP no dice.

    I am willing to bet its because I have a motherboard with twin nics, could it be trying to get to the internet by the nic thats not connected?

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    Well its taken to saying 'using your internet to get meta data for ripped disks'

    I have tried 6 disks so far, I would not say they are particularly out there, such as david bowie.

    None have meta data.


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      the ripper in vortexbox is no longer working because it was set to obtain metadata from the "freedb" database. And since a few weeks ago the "freedb" database has been turned off. So automatic filling of metadata will no longer work on Vortexbox, unless someone can reprogram it to look at other sources of metadata.See:

      Hello Fellow Travellers, Hope you all are safe and well. I have an old Vortexbox CD ripper with 2TB internal HDD and suddenly it stopped identifying the CDs being ripped - this actually happened so suddenly that I was ripping CDs one night perfectly and the next morning it stopped recognising the CDs that are being ripped.


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        When freedb shut down I subscribed to DBPoweramp and ran a USB cable from my laptop to my Vortexbox. It was rather simple to set up the program to send the ripped CD to storage where my music files reside. DBPoweramp quickly rips my CDs and previews the metadata and album art and gives me options for the album cover before the rip begins. When the rip finishes it tells me whether the ripped file is accurate based on others' results. I was reluctant to add this layer of complication initially but found the process quicker and less prone to error.


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          I've always used dbpoweramp for ripping (Never the VB). I would rip perhaps no more than 100 CDs, make sure I don't have any post-rip metadata or naming editing to do, then I transfer that batch over network from my laptop (running dbpa) to my VB drive. These days, it is simpler, as I'm just ripping new CD purchases, so I don't have near the number of CDs to rip that I used to (over 5,000).
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            To fix CD ripping see this post: