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Installing VortexBox 2.5 from an image

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  • Installing VortexBox 2.5 from an image

    Oh Nuts. My VBA just crashed and although it powers up and I can log in as root, /storage shows empty so I going to have to do a rebuild (everything backed up). I've been running v2.4 and thought I'd try installing v2.5 from the VB2.5 (Beta) image.

    Looking at the installation instructions on the wiki, it seems fairly straight forward but the comment "...These instructions are for a Windows computer. You can do this on Linux but it's a bit more complex (instructions here)" has thrown me slightly.

    If I carry out the instructions to make a bootable USB key on my W10 machine, can that key then be used to boot my VBA and install the images etc OR do I have to do the whole thing in linux, following the instructions in the Wiki "instructions here" link? I'm hoping for the former since it appears a lot more straight forward than doing it via linux.

    All comments and thoughts very gratefully received

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    Don't remember the detail, but I did it by making a bootable USB memory stick on my Win10 PC, then used that to boot my VB box (old HP N40L).