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CD ripper not identifying CDs

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    Thank You “Tomcoppa” for all your efforts ... I will scan my art work and apply to files manually ... Thanks Again!


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      Just noticed the same thing and came on here, very pleased to see my Liv Zen is not yet a brick.

      I'm a bit thick with technical matters mind you, I've never plugged my box into a screen or keyboard I just plug it in, rip CDs and play music from my mobile phone.

      Someone mentioned installing Putty but I have no idea how to do this. To go back a step, I'm assuming I can
      plug in my box to the TV using the HDMI and my computer keyboard via the USB to control the screen. I've used a Dos box on a PC before so I guess it's like that? Once in what do I do next to open the file mentioned and edit the line (s) required?

      Also, I recall from a convo years ago that the maker Liv changed the password and there's no way I can get hold of it. I think there's a global or override password I can use though?

      Thanks in advance for any help.


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        The default password setting for a vortexbox is user = root and password = vortexbox. If they do not work then you may have a problem.
        If it works the info of what to do is in another post bu Tomcoppa

        Type nano /etc/ripit/config

        In the CDDB Options section make these changes -

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          Thanks for that I actually did it!! Feeling rather smug as I had to go into the GRUB settings first and fiddle around to reset the root password, I found the instructions on another thread here. Also the file I had to edit didn't look like the one on the screenshot, and also a command failed after, but I just pressed on and it worked! Edited the config file as above and now getting album meta data.

          Right, has anyone worked out how to get album art as mine stopped a couple of years ago, someone wrote it was related to the Amazon website stopping calls to pull them off.


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            For anyone not familar with the Linux command line you may find WinSCP is easier to use to edit the file.


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              The config changes are in the latest version of ripit. The only problem is updating ripit dons't update the config. VortexBox users did not like me overwriting their custom configs so ripit only installs the new config on a clean install.

              you could always delete /etc/ripit/config and reinstall ripit


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                If I deleted ripit how do I get and install the new version of ripit? I also think that most people, ( I certainly would), would be prepared to pay a reasonable amount for a change to the program that would allow the use of a better meta data program perhaps GD3 who will sell you a plug in for EAC for under $8.00 and it is terrific. Perhaps it would be possible to make it work for ripit?


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                  Originally posted by blas View Post
                  Sorry to be so dense. After I go into the edit mode with the nano command how do I get the file to display so I can scroll through it to change the parameters?
                  Here is how my last sessions looks: (Only the header is displayed)
                  (I can type the commands above but not within the program itself.)

                  login as: root
                  [email protected]'s password:
                  Last login: Sun Jul 19 17:28:21 2020 from fe80::c0d5:3be4:d871:dde2%eth0
                  [[email protected] ~]# nano /etc/ripit/config
                  GNU nano 2.3.2 File: /etc/ripit/config Modified

                  # RipIT 3.9.0 configuration file.
                  # For further information on ripit configuration / parameters
                  # and examples see the manpage or the README provided with ripit
                  # or type ripit --help .
                  # Changelog
                  # Thur May 26 2011 Ron Olsen <[email protected]>
                  # * Change default eject to 0 to avoid extra eject of CD tray.
                  # * Fix typo in comment on underscore setting.
                  # * Add comment for dirtemplate showing how to get "Artist/Album" structure.
                  # * Add comment explaining vatag=5 setting.
                  # Tues May 10 2011 Ron Olsen <[email protected]>
                  I didn't see a reply to this. I, too, am at this point and can find no way to go forward. There are a bunch of I don't know what they are called at the bottom of this page, they have titles like "Get Help", Prev Page, Write Out, Cut Text, etc. with a capital letter in front and an "up arrow" which I have no idea how to type in a black box (so e.g., up arrowG Get Help). But I can't seem to do anything with these. Double clicking does nothing. I copied and pasted the up arrow and capital letter and pasted it into the command line (?) and hit return but that didn't do anything either. How do I proceed? Obviously I am not very fluent in this stuff. Thanks. Oh, using a Mac, OS 10.15.5
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                    dnf reinstall rtipit
                    should do it


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                      I use a lot of open source software to get VortexBox to work. If anybody knows of a free ripper or tagger that can use GD3 I would be very interested in knowing about it.