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Configure USB Bluetooth device as player in Vortexbox

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  • Configure USB Bluetooth device as player in Vortexbox

    I've been a user of Vortexbox for a few years now and I'm still loving it. My current set up has been updated to 2.5 and is running perfectly with optical out from the dedicated Vortexbox server (on silent PC) to a Quad Vena amp, with networked squeezebox receivers elsewhere in the house. I would now like establish if its possible to configure a USB Bluetooth device attached to my Vortexbox server as a player I could then connect to with Bluetooth headphones. I've managed to stumble through installation and updating Vortexbox over the years with the help of user guides and posts here on other forums and I'm good at reading instructions however my own research into Bluetooth players has given me a sore head and no real answers. Any help pitched at an appropriately low tech level would be appreciated.

    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.3 - 0.11.20200214git1580910396 @ Fri Feb 14 14:57:29 EST 2020
    Hostname: vortexbox
    Server IP Address:
    Server HTTP Port Number: 9000
    Operating system: Red Hat - EN - utf8
    Platform Architecture: x86_64-linux
    Perl Version: 5.24.3 - x86_64-linux-thread-multi
    Audio::Scan: 0.95
    IO::Socket::SSL: 2.038
    Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.34_01 (sqlite
    Total Players Recognized: 3
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    I stream to my Sony bluetooth headphones via PiCorePlayer..

    I went a bit over the top and added the 7" screen, but you could build a headless player.


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      While the piCoreplayer solution will work, that presupposes you want to buy an additional Raspberry Pi which you don't need to barring other logistical issues, i.e. your Bluetooth device being located too far away from your headphones to work properly. There are two steps required for what you want to do:

      1) Configure Bluetooth on your VB. Someone else on the thread will have to advise you on this I am not currently running VB 2.5
      2) Install/configure Squeezelite on your VB. There is a "configure player" screen on VB that takes care of all of this for you. Select the device running BT, name the player, follow the instructions are you will be fine.


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        Thanks for your responses, dont even know if its possible. I can connect bluetooth headphones when using squeezelite x on a tablet which is great but i was wondering if it would be possible to connect via bluetooth directly to my vortexbox server.


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          The simpler solution is indeed VB -> iDevice running iPeng or Squeezepad or Android running Orangesqueeze, etc -> Bluetooth. I also do VB -> Laptop running squeezelite -> Bluetooth. I've never bothered trying to run Bluetooth from my server itself. I'm not even sure if there is BT hardware on my server's motherboard.


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            Hi Chabelo, from your earlier post, I am familiar with squeezelite and have configured it to use optical out from my server connected to an amplifier. From what I can see it looks like there must be additional steps to configure a Bluetooth USB device befor it can be added as a squeezelite player. If this is possible then it negates the need to use a further tablet/laptop to listen to music via Bluetooth headphones. You but the nail on the head with point 1 from your post. Still don't know if this is possible however and there doesn't appear to be further info/guidance here or elsewhere.


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              OK - you should be able to purchase a simple USB Bluetooth dongle for about $12. Most if not all of them are Linux-compatible out of the box - i.e. no drivers necessary to install. Here's the one Amazon recommends but there are several other brands.

              Next you can follow this guide to configure Bluetooth from the command line:

              There may be other ways to do this, but you only need one way that works

              Good luck!


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                Thanks and sorry for the delayed response, ill have a look at this and post my results


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                  Followed the above instructions with limited success. i think the main stumbling block for me is configuring squeezelite to identify the attached bluetooth dongle as a viable player.


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                    If I want to play squeezelite through the Bluetooth connection of my laptop I configure it like this:

                    squeezelite -o pulse -s <ip address of VB> -n <Name of Player>

                    That way squeezelite sends the audio to pulsaudio which in turn sends it through the sound card and ultimately to Bluetooth is Bluetooth is configured to play what's coming through the sound card.
                    Works just fine for me.