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Can we transcode OPUS tracks to PCM in LMS?

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  • Can we transcode OPUS tracks to PCM in LMS?


    I am using Vortexbox 2.5 Beta as media server. I am using Daphile as slave player in the dedicaded TransportPC that connecded to DAC with BNC output. YouTube Plug-In is intalled in LMS and sometimes I am listening YouTube music tracks.

    But, I can't listen OPUS tracks in Daphile. Because, Daphile can not play native opus track. How can I transcode to PCM OPUS track in the LMS Settings>Advanced>File Types section? I tryed all options but I can't play OPUS tracks in Daphile.

    A sample track with OPUS codec in the YouTube:

    My LMS interface screanshot is atteched that playing same track.
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    There are a lot of audio transcodeing programs out there. Try googleing it an see what you can find.