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Upgrading LMS on old VB 1.10 setup?

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  • Upgrading LMS on old VB 1.10 setup?

    After spending a few years on the road I took my hi-fi set-up out of storage and am setting it up again. It all works fine after 6 years in boxes!

    Heart of my music replay is a SB Touch with LMS on a homebuilt Intel Atom330 based Vortexbox server. I just hooked it up and it played like the day I boxed it :-)
    Anyways, as you can imagine the software is a bit dated. I'm running LMS 7.7.1 on Vortexbox 1.10. However it works fine for my local files and does what it need to do.
    However I want to try some of the (for me) new streaming services and just purchased Tidal with the great 4 Euro for 120 days intro offer.

    Problem, with the Vortexbox LMS I only get MP3 playback, not FLAC, on my SB Touch with Tidal. I have the Tidal Hifi subscription, and I installed LMS 7.9.3 on my MacBook and connecting my SB Touch to that LMS gives me FLAC on the SB Touch with Tidal.
    So the solution seems to upgrade LMS on the Vortexbox from 7.7.1 to 7.9.3.

    Question: can I just follow the steps below I found on the Squeezebox forum to update LMS, even on a very old Vortexbox install?
    At some point I'm probably going to install a new HD (this one is no spring chicken!) in the server and do a clean Vortexbox 2.5 install, or what alternative server packages are available. But right now I don't want to get into that yet and backup and restore a ton of music...

    yum clean all
    yum update

    rpm -e --nodeps logitechmediaserver logitechmediaserver-CPAN logitechmediaserver-vendor logitechmediaserver-firmware-ip3k
    cp -a /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/prefs/server.prefs.rpmsave /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/prefs/server.prefs
    yum install

    systemctl start squeezeboxserver
    systemctl -l status squeezeboxserver
    Thanks for any help!
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    These steps look right, but unfortunately, it is unlikely anyone can be sure without you trying it yourself. These steps would install 7.9.0. You might want to replace the


    note, the forum shortens the full URLs above, but make sure you copy the URL link, and paste that into the command line.

    edit; and if it doesn't all work, that's your sign that you should get a new HD, then install either VB 2.4 or VB 2.5. Sorry I can't be more help. I"m not a linux expert, just good at following instructions.
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      Thanks garym! It's probably going to be a new HD at some point. Can't be bothered now....


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        A quick update on this, I like to give some info back after asking! ;-)

        In the end I went for a different route.

        a) I installed a SSD disk in my little M-ITX DIY Vortexbox machine. This for two reasons:
        > I want to seperate OS and music storage. After needing to fully back-up and restore about 1 Tb of music this was not a proces I wanted to do again. Because it is too much hassle, and also as I not like working 2 drives hard at the same time that contain all my music.
        > Quicker boot-up of the server (not really that important but little side benefit)
        > Being able to change OS on my server without touching the music storage.
        I am still planning to get a new storage drive as this one is getting on a bit.

        b) For now I installed the Snakeoil OS (
        I had a quick look at continuing with Vortexbox, but the higher pace of development and seemingly more active developer and community with snake-oil attracted me. Also installing SSD and strorage on different drives seemed a bit complicated going by the instructions.
        Also had a look at Daphile, but felt it lacked a bit of transparancy in how it functioned and the software components.

        c) I mounted my old Vortexbox drive in Snakeoil to access the data. That was slightly more complicated as the Vortexbox data is a LVM volume. With these instructions it was however done in a few minutes:

        Everything seems to be working fine, still needs a bit of final tweaking. I'm now running LMS 7.9.0, Tidal is streaming in flac (what was the catalyst for this whole proces), my music library is about done with rescanning. Only thing that is giving me issues is the 'material' skin plug-in, might need a newer LMS for that. With a small donation to Snakeoil I can 'activate' all the functions, which includes an installer to update LMS to what you prefer.

        I loved using Vortexbox, and feel somewhat sad to leave it behind after all the reliable listening pleasure it has given me, but I feel this is an overall better solution for my needs. Thanks to Andrew and the community for a great product!
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