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A start job is running for dev-disk... (time / no limit)

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  • A start job is running for dev-disk... (time / no limit)

    I tried installing 2.4 and 2.5 beta on a Dell 531S Athlon X64 PC and it appears to install fine buy hangs on boot on the following ...

    A start job is running for dev-disk...[end of UUID of root (/) partition sda2 I believe] (time / no limit)

    I looked in /etc/fstab and the partition seems to be identified correctly. Not sure why VB won't boot. I can boot the rescue Fedora instance to login but can't get the default VB instance past this job that has not timeout limit.

    Any help would be appreciated. Nothing special about the PC, has a 300GB hard drive and a DVD RW drive. Basically older tech from circa 2008.

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    Im afraid I experienced exactly the same problem but simply couldn't resolve it. I ended up using a new donor machine and installing 2.5 in the end.