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  • Power outage

    so had a power cut the other night and ever since i cannot get my vortexbox up and running, initially i could browse to it 192.168 X X from my pc but LMS would never open up from there, so after numerous attempts the vortexbox would no longer come up at all Doh! So i dusted off my spare unit trouble is this unit which was definitely ok the LMS no longer comes up on it either and my transporter will not connect to it. im on vortexbox 2.4

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    If you plug the box directly into your router and have a monitor attached you will see the ip address on the screen when it boots. It seems you need to access network settings and give the vortexbox a fixed IP address


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      hi thanks but both already have static ip addresses so i can easily find them. My trouble is LMS does not come up and when it does the nothing works on the GUI, ive checked if the squeezebox server is working which it is ive also done a clean all update still no joy then i eventually upgraded to 2.5 and still LMS is not cooperating


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        this is what i get from the logs
        this is what i get
        1 main init(387) starting LMS
        2 plugins::mixcloud:Protocol handler::get track id(109) Error cannot play url for ..............................
        3 that line repeats
        4 slim formats::XML:: get Error viaHTTP(339) error gettinghttps:/
        connect timed out no such file or directory
        5 slim plugin sounds plugin _getSoundsError(82) Error unable to cach sounds & effects menu from SN connect timed out no such file or directory
        6 repeats (109) error for 9 lines
        15 slim networking squeezeNetwork players _players_error (377) unable to get players from SN connect timed out resource temp unavailable
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