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Vortexbox running in Virtualbox

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  • Vortexbox running in Virtualbox

    Trying to connect to vortexbox running in Virtualbox. I would like to show it off to my small linux user group.

    I used the ova file image and the default setup asked for network settings. I am stumped at making a connection as typing lists two vortexbox systems - my main one which works and the other system in Virtualbox which is unable to connect and timing out.

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    May be a virtual box settings problem. Make sure networking is set up for incoming connection.


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      That is my problem - the appliance asks for a network setting but i do not see how to set it up. Other systems including Fedora in Virtualbox work fine. I see the IP address vortexbox uses and when I click it it says unable to connect


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        Got it - I used a bridged network and selected my Wireless - now it works from my laptop or other PC's in the house.
        Should be fun to show this at the next Linux meeting as soon as I add a few albums and or movies