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    running Fedora 25 with VB 2.5 I cannot run updates any more.
    See error message attached . Any idea ?A All suggest actions taken without success.
    Click image for larger version

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    Dear all,

    sorry to say, but no longer any progress on Vortebox? Fedora is on rev 32, Bliss contiunues to improve but Latest revisions do not work any more in vortexbox. Good bye and thanks for the support through the forum.
    I now installed Fedora 32 on same hardware as Vortexbox was before, audacity and bliss ( which run now without issues ) . Cd ripping is not needed any more , new music added through network. Only downside: need to find a flac to mp3 batch convert utility that is as stable and easy to use as in Vortexbox. Any hints are appreciated.


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      I’ve been running my “roll-your-own” VB on current-release Fedora for about a year or two as well. As for batch MP3 convert – may I ask what you use it for? When I built my first VB over 10 years ago I maintained an MP3 mirror. I would use the MP3 files back in the day to download to my iPod (remember those?) when I wished to listen to music on-the-go. As my FLAC collection grew my MP3 mirror became increasingly time and space-consuming to maintain. I switched over to using Subsonic to stream MP3 to my iPhone. Subsonic points to the same FLAC tree as LMS so I only need to maintain one music library. I set up Subsonic to transcode to MP3 on-the-fly. It’s been working without a hitch for 7+ years. It's how I listen to my collection in my car and on-the-go. Goodbye MP3 mirror.

      That being said if you need to convert a bunch of files from FLAC (or anything else) to MP3 I highly recommend Freac. It’s GUI-driven and cross-platform. I can convert entire (nested) directories of FLAC to MP3 via lame with minimal effort.

      Good luck!


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        foobar2000 is easy program for converting FLAC to mp3. Also dbpoweramp, but that's not free.


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          Hi Chabelo,

          thanks for Your valuable suggestion. MP3 Mirror has been in fact used since "ages" , so I remember very well those days . I use the mp3 still today for my Iphone as my Music "on the go" when driving. I tried and managed the Subsonic streaming. To be honest, never thought about such option , but you got me thinking different ways. With subsonic now up and running I am currently testing Apps in the iphone, the only feature missing is one that works with Apple Car play, otherwise I cannot control the iphone through my car multimedia system. Perhaps you have a hint on this one.
          best regards!


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            Hi Stefan,

            I use Subsonic with CarPlay every day. No, AFAIK here is no Subsonic widget AFAIK in the CarPlay interface so you can’t have everything. Here’s my workflow.

            1. Before I start my trip I put together a playlist. It may be a pre-saved playlist or it may be a playlist I create on-the-fly.

            2. I connect my phone and start my car.

            3. Once the CarPlay system is fully booted up and communicating with my phone I either press “Play” on the Subsonic app of my phone or I navigate over to the “Now Playing” window and press “Play” on the CarPlay interface. Sometimes it will display some other app if Subsonic was not the last thing playing and it won’t reset until I start Subsonic manually, navigate out of “Now Playing” and then navigate back in.

            4. While driving I can control basic functions from the Now Playing screen or even the controls on the wheels of my car – start/stop, previous track, next track. Most days the app and interface are robust to interruption – calls coming in, Google Maps instructions being read, etc. Every great once in a while I have to push “Play” on my iPhone to reawaken Subsonic.

            You cannot perform other Subsonic operations – search, change playlist, etc – from the CarPlay interface. Some of this is due to the lack of widget. I imagine some may be distraction-related – not wanting the driver to divert their attentions from the road. I’ve been known to change a playlist or search through folders at stoplights. I prefer not to do so while driving.

            Here’s another neat trick. When possible I cache my playlist on my phone while I’m at home on my WiFi network before leaving. This eliminates data downloads and possible dropouts / interruptions in bad reception areas. Subsonic tries to cache at least a song in advance so this doesn’t happen much. Still – why use cellular data transmission when you don’t have to? This caching is done by selecting the songs on my playlist one by one until I see them cache. Depending on your cache settings, things you’ve played previously may be saved in cache too.

            Give it a shot. There are so many features that would be nice – “Siri – have Subsonic play xxxx” etc, but as is it is an effective way to listen to my VB collection at-will in my car.
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              Your question spurred me on to a major discovery. I wanted to see if there were any Subsonic players with Carplay-compatable widgets available. I found an iOS app called Avsub that provides exactly that. I just set it up and hooked it to my CarPlay. It provides a widget with navigation and decent functionality. There are some limitations. CarPlay limits folder nesting to 4 deep with the 5th level being the music files. My scheme exceeds that so I can’t access tracks directly via the CarPlay interface. However I can do so many other things, particularly select playlists from the CarPlay interface.

              I think this is what you may be looking for and I strongly suspect I will be switching over from iSub.