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ALAC mirroring: ERROR: encoding failed

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  • ALAC mirroring: ERROR: encoding failed

    HI there,

    Long time VBox user!

    Have recently got into old iPods, updating them to SD cards and have been converting my FLACs to ALACs to use good ol' iTunes (now Music) which is working well.

    Except, am getting certain albums that don't convert, and I can't seem to figure out why. Here's an extract from the log when using 'START ALAC Encoding' mirroring

    HTML Code:
      01/11/2020 17:54:14 - #### Working on Akhenaten... Title: Akhenaten Artist: Julian Cope Album: Jehovahkill (1992) AlbumArtist:  Composer:  DiscNumber:  Track#: 03 Genre: Rock Compilation: 0  ERROR: encoding failed, continuing
    This has happened with about 20 albums from around 500. It's odd that's whole albums / folders it just can't convert, not tracks. No pattern I can discern as to which and why.

    Anyone got any pointers?