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    Hi there, I have am about 6 years old Vortexbox from (by MSI) still running Vortexbox 2.2. I'm very happy with it; I never updated it because things were fine and smooth and I didn't want to risk that. Anyway, I was travelling and had the Vortexbox switched off for a few days, and now having started it again it doesn't give sound.

    More precisely, I can login to it using root, the Squeezebox Server looks all fine and behaves normally, i.e., I can start and stop songs and find all that should be there, I don't see anything that looks wrong. I normally use the "Center" output at the rear of the Vortexbox which uses the in-built DAC (or so I was told). This doesn't give a sound (neither on headphones, it's not the amplifier that causes the problem). I have a squeezelite player installed on a laptop with an external DAC accessing my Vortexbox, and that one still works fine. I have then tried this external USB-DAC with the Vortexbox itself, and this doesn't seem to work either (apparently registered as "Player3" on the server - I may have done something wrong registering it though, as somehow the server can start but not stop songs from playing with this one), so the problem doesn't seem to be the internal DAC or the Center output, rather somehow there's no sound from the box as a whole. Whatever that means.

    I had a look at alsamixer and initially "Master" was muted, but I unmuted it (and everything, including the now connected USB-DAC, and then reboot, more than once) and that didn't seem to help. alsamixer seems a bit cryptic to me though and I'm never quite sure what I'm doing there.

    As you may have realised already, I'm not terribly competent, although I'm a Linux user and wouldn't mind trying out some command line stuff if I knew what to do and where to look.

    Any ideas?

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    If you have a backup of your music library you could try upgrading to VortexBox 2.4. (See Below).

    or/and try installing your hard drive in one of these.
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      Fair enough. I was toying around with that idea, but this seems to be quite an effort, so I'd prefer to diagnose the problem before and see whether it can be solved in easier ways. I don't want to put half a day into upgrading (and dealing with potential trouble) and then it still doesn't work...


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        You could try finding an exact replacement system board (maybe off eBay) and swap it out.