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VB 2.4 and calibre?

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  • theribdoctor
    I figured it out. Created a startup script, and tested...all good... consider this closed.

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  • theribdoctor
    started a topic VB 2.4 and calibre?

    VB 2.4 and calibre?

    Years ago on the old forum I got calibre installed and headless. There were instructions...Can't find those anymore. At some point on my VB 2.3 I had tried updating my calibre to the latest..and I messed up the config...and then somehow I got it working...don't ask me how.

    I'm utilizing a better computer for my server.

    I'm a computer guy...but I'm pretty limited on linux..and to be quite honest my go to linux is Ubuntu.

    I have a calibre library under the storage folder called Calibre.

    What I'd like is to install Calibre, get it to start with reboot..and pull books from the /Storage/Calibre location.

    can anyone explain that to me please.