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DVD Ripping when Connected to Internet Not Working

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  • DVD Ripping when Connected to Internet Not Working

    Hi All

    Since about November 2016, everytime I rip a DVD, it's unable to get the DVD title. It seems to go to the internet to get metadata and does not get the data.

    This is causing a number of issues and most of the time the ripped DVD gets stuck in the TMP folder and never gets transferred into the movies folder, i also get no metadata. I have tried rebuilding a new VortexBox on new hardware and the same thing happens. I have discovered via wireshark the vortexbox go to during the initial stages of the ripping process to get metadata, if a block this from happening via my firewall, the vortexbox uses the DVD label and carries on as normal. However this does, mean no metadata is their and i have to edit in Plex with Art Work Etc. I have a number of friend with Vortexboxes on a few different versions and they all behave the same.

    Please can anyone let me know how to fix this issue.

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    Since the Forum went down, DVD Ripping has not worked properly. And now that the Forum is back up, it is not on a regular server but in the Cloud so the "Calls" to the Forum Server for Name and Meta are not working which cause the just ripped file to NOT be Renamed and NOT be mover to /storage/movies. Hence after ever DVD one must move the Movie in the /tmp directory plus rename it. One can try this to see if its still working, but until it is fixed fixed, I am ripping DVDs locally using MakeMKV and directing the Rip to /storage/movies.

    "Mark's Instructions:
    Here are a couple workarounds that I have been using-
    After being ripped the mkv file is likely in /storage/tmp/ripper.tmp and named something like title00.mkv
    Similar to Transporter's workaround above I have just edited the filename to reflect a proper name for the movie and moved it to /storage/movies
    it will then get picked up properly for use.

    After a while this got old so seeing that the issue was the inability to reach a section of (aka that was offline I decided to add the IP to the firewall so that the system would just try to use the dvd name it was able to pull from the DVD media. This usually works adequately.
    You can do this from the command line as follows:
    # iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
    After executing this the IP is blocked and the DVD rip should work.

    Note 2 things about this workaround-
    1- the server will not be able to reach for anything including updates while this is active
    2- I specifically did not make the entry permanent so if the server is rebooted the entry will no longer be active. So if the issue is fixed or you want the system to be able to reach again you just need to reboot the box and things will revert to normal. (if you want to firewall the IP again you will need to run the command again after rebooting)

    hope this helps

    Worth giving it a try or you can download MakeMKV from their site for free which is what Vortexbox is using as an auto-DVD ripper anyway.


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      Thanks for the advice, I am currently blocking via my router, which makes it quite easy to turn on and off. Do you have any ideas when it will be fixed ?


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        I don't have that answer as it's really up to Vortexbox. The server in the IP Address call needs to be up and running plus doing Meta Data or the code needs rewritten so that the rename and move script section doesn't fail. I am not privy to how they plan to fix this or what the time line might be. Or there could even be a completely different solution in the works.


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          Maybe you need to replace your DVD ripper and I want to share you with the video converter ultimate which can rip DVD to any format without effort.


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            Member Simon’s work around in the below post worked for me!


            The DVD title and artwork using the above fix is going to the movies directory as they should!
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