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Help Storing files on second drive

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  • Help Storing files on second drive

    I am re-installing Vortexbox 2.4 on an Intel NUC. The NUC has an M.2 Style SSD that the OS and Software is installed on.

    I also have a 2Tb Spinning Drive that I want to be my Storage drive. There used to be a Wiki about doing this but I can not find it any longer.

    How do I move the Storage to the 2Tb Drive

    SSD is /dev/sdb (booting from this)
    2Tb spinning is /dev/sda

    When I run: /dev/sda

    I get the following: Attachment 1

    Then I run: /dev/sda1

    I get Attachment #2

    Attached Files

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    Sorry, I'm not able to see your attached files, so I don't know in what state your box is in.

    I suppose you want to install only the OS on small SSD with /Storage on the 2Tb drive...
    I'm on a 'new' laptop at the moment so don't have my saved notes for grabs, but have a real post-it on my V-box with the following code from the wiki

    For VortexBox 2.4 use
    dnf -y update
    now you need to expand your root partition to 30GB type
    and finally fill the rest of your hard drive with the storage partition with the commands
    Your VortexBox is now ready for use.
    followed by
    (-fill SSD-)
    which if I remember correct does what it says, fill the rest of the SSD
    fdisk -l
    which brings you to the first step of the wiki with instructions on how to add a second drive
    I hope this brings you a bit further


    BTW since this is a transcript of my terrible handwriting (and not a copy-paste of the commands involved) I cannot guarantee there isn't a typo somewhere, so as always use at your risk and maybe someone else can confirm.