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Lost my music!

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    Vortexbox 2.4
    Small Green Computer
    Fedora 23
    Connected to a Windows 10 Network


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      If you look at your storage/music/flac directory from, say, a windows machine on the same network do you see the missing files? what if you search for some of the file names on the VB via windows explorer. Have the files been accidentally moved. I'm at a loss. I've not seen this happen. I can certainly think of how one could accidentally delete a block of files are move them (I've done this in other contexts, but not on VB).

      p.s. this does point to the benefit of having other backups. I have some backup drives that I stop updating after a while. That way, if something like what has happened to you happens, I at least have a good backup from, say, a year ago versus a newer backup that also has missing or corrupted files.
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        Good point!


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          Another couple of things I do:

          1. I take the backup USB drive (after a backup from the VBA) and look at file properties of the storage/music/flac directory. This produces the number of file, number of directories, and bytes. I then look at the file properties of the same folder on the VBA itself. I make sure number of files, number of folders, and size (number of bytes) matches exactly.

          2. I take the backup USB drive from the VBA and connect it to my windows laptop. I then point foobar2000 on windows to the music directory on the USB drive. I make sure that the number of tracks reported by foobar2000 is exactly the same as the number of tracks reported by LMS from the VBA.


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            Garym, I am looking at the directory from my Windows machine on the same network. The folders are empty and the files haven't moved anywhere else. What is crazy is they are all at the tail end of the alphabet by folder name (artist).It started in the middle of a folder and went back to the end of the alphabet. Its almost as if it was attacked by some sort of a virus. All files are backed up on an external hard drive.


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              I don't know how it could occur, but might be worth looking at other folders on VB to see if they were somehow moved to another directory or folder. You could download WinSCP, a free utility,to your windows machine and then access/search the VB system files.
              Very mysterious....