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Cannot map vortexbox drive due to SMBv1 error.

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  • Cannot map vortexbox drive due to SMBv1 error.

    Cannot map vortexbox drive due to SMBv1 error. Is there a firmware update for SMBv2.02 or a later version?

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    OS is win 10 and WIKI has not been updated on this topic. Vortex box storage is there but cannot be accessed on windows.
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      What version of Vortexbox? I access Vortexbox 2.3 from a stock Win 10 Pro over SMBv2. No patching required on either side. It is mapped in a different way on the windows machine than for SMBv1. I can't remember the exact procedure, but I added the Vortex box storage as a "Network location" and then I had to enter username and password. I'm sure google can help you find a guide on how to do that.


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        I have version 2.1. Is the version the problem? It worked prior to win 10 update on version 2.1? I will try google again on procedure (the first time it referred me to microsoft solution to contact the device maker for firmware updates. Guess shoud up date version first. Thanks
        Well need more help! I have an original vortexbox device and when I check the version updates it looks like they are outlined for PC based boxes. It has been awhile since I updated a version.Can someone direct me to the WIKI that deals with updating the original vortexbox device?
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          I don't know if SMBv2 is available in that version, it was released a long time ago and the Linux version it's built on was probably already old at the time.
          But you could always try mapping the Vortexbox as a "Network location" in windows, it might work. Microsoft disabled the SMBv1 client in an update due to security holes and since SMBv2 has been around for a long time we really should use it. The procedure for mapping the Vortexbox in windows is different but once that is done it works just as before.


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            Well, I don't know what I did, but trying to map a network location several times that didn't work, but all of a sudden the vortexbox media server showed up under network. [prior to this only the Logitech server (vortexbox) showed under network. I can now use power DVD to play the movies stored on the vortexbox. Prior to this change the Logitech server showed blocked and I could see the files, but they would not open. So it appears although I do not have a mapped drive it is working. I would have never got there if you had not suggested the network location. Happy now as have many movies stored on the vortexbox.