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fix_network rebuild command not recognized

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  • fix_network rebuild command not recognized

    I installed a new AX router and forgot my vortexbox was set static. Put the problem in the forum search and got the fix_network rebuild , but command not recognized.. So went into the vortexbox setup instructions and put on DHCP and it assigned ip and it showed on my router. There was an option to set static so I did and that is now on my router and everything working. The problem is I cannot reach the GUI as the vortexbox screen says to use the original DHCP assigned IP, but the static IP is assigned to my router and neither will bring up the GUI??? I really do not know Linux so kind of at a loss. In fact when I put in the static I did not know what to put in the name boxes so just typed in vortexbox for both. Was really surprised when it went on my router?

    PROBLEM solved itself
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