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Two players installed on my Liv Zen (pre Innuos)

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  • Two players installed on my Liv Zen (pre Innuos)

    Hi all, newbie here, joining to see if anyone can help me get my Zen working properly. (As it's old Innuos will not support it anymore.)

    It has started playing only 30 seconds of a track and then it keeps skipping to the next one, so it gets through a full length album in about 5 mins. Nuno from Innuos did log on for me to identify that it has 2 players installed which seems to conflict. It has Vortexbox v2.2 installed.

    Down the left side of the system page there are two Configure Player icons, one just called Configure Player, the other Configure Vortexbox Player. Apparently I should only have the first one. If I go into System Configuration - Service Manager I can stop vortex box player then it will play an album, but sometimes it seems to start the player again and I'm back to square one. One thing I don't understand is why this suddenly started happening a few weeks ago. I used it in a different house for a few days with a different network and dac, when it worked fine, then when I brought it home, this started, but that shouldn't cause it?

    So my question is, how do I keep the second player permanently inactive, or remove it, without affecting the first player? I'd be grateful for any help otherwise my Zen is basically a brick.

    Thanks, Lawrence
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    Anyone know please?


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      I hear your pain.

      I had a similar issue with my Zen unit - LMS not loading at all and I sent it to local Vortexbox dealer and got it fixed.

      It is frustrating when the computer based audio is not working and there's not much you can do unless you are good with computers...


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        If you want to repair your Innuos Liv Zen install VortexBox 2.5 on it.


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          Thanks I thought of that but it's something I'd rather avoid if at all possible. If I can just find out how to uninstall the Vortexbox player I'd be sorted..


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            Do that in the player manager.


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              Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
              Do that in the player manager.
              Thanks I'll try and work out how. I'm now using my second Vortexbox from Liv/Innuos and I'm stuck again with a similar problem. It's not picking up on the mysqueezebox website list of players but I've changed the name to have no spaces. I'll have to go back to the first machine and
              ​​​​​​work out what else I did, I think it may have been to enforce a different MAC address, but I've only got one player in this one and the MAC addresses are greyed out. Maybe the second player was a blessing in disguise after all as I could change the player MAC in that, which may have been the way the website picked it up!