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  • Bliss 'This site can't be reached message'

    Hi all

    I have been running a vortexbox for years and have never had a problem (touch wood). I'm running version 2.3 (Fedora release 20) and recently installed Bliss. I used it years ago (and paid for it) to great effect so keen to tidy up my library again.
    When I use my laptop to connect to the Vortexbox and then click on Bliss I get a message "This site can't be reached".

    I'm assuming that there is a firewall problem but can anyone explain in layman's terms what I need to allow through? I did search the forum for Bliss, and for the error message, but can't see anything. I doubt I'm the first person to come across it - maybe my search skills are just rubbish!

    Hopefully someone can help :-)


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    Just installed Bliss on 2.4 - never used it before - what does it offer?

    Not sure why you cannot connect - I use firefox on Linux to connect and Bliss is scanning but don't now what to do after that


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      It fixes up tags and artwork. I think it did a very good job, if I remember correctly. There are 100 free fixes, or you can buy more


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        I don't have a solution for you but on my v2.5 VortexBox (Fedora 25) the following BLISS version updates and is working fine...
        Maybe check here: