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LMS suddenly stopped working

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    Maybe it is not memory. I just restarted the VB and this is the System Info screen:


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      System Info
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        I will look into upgrading to VB 2.4.


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          Which VortexBox level are you currently at?


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            Unfortunately I don't have a monitor and keyboard to use. Can I put the image of 2.4 on the new drive external to the VB and then just install it? If I do it that way, can I avoid needing a keyboard and monitor connected to the VB?


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              To be clear, I mean I would put the disk image on a new HD using an external docking station connected to another computer, and then take the drive with the image on it and install it in the VB. Would that make it pretty much plug-and-play?


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                That won’t. work!
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                  Do use this procedure for going to version 2.4 If your platform is 64bit if not use the 2.3 iso.

                  Read through this entire Procedure before starting!

                  You absolutely need to connect a VGA monitor & keyboard and have a working ethernet connection & have that working connection connected to your VortexBox before starting!

                  [Purchase a new hard drive and remove the old (this removed drive will be your "Fail Safe drive") just in case something goes wrong you can reinstall this drive and be right where you were before you started]!!!

                  If you feel that you do not have the ability to remove your old Hard Drive "stop and get competent help)!

                  1) IMPORTANT: Back up your music/movie libraries to a USB drive of adequate size using the Vortexbox GUI USB backup app. & select copy to USB backup (this can take some time).

                  2) IMPORTANT: Take a good readable photo of your Vortexbox "Configure Player" & "Network Configuration" page you will need this to restore any custom output port settings, take a photo of anything else in the Vortexbox GUI that you may want to save and restore.

                  Warning: remember to remove the power cord & beware of static discharge from your hands & all surfaces when handling all electronics & take care removing the cables from the old (Fail Safe hard drive) ... At least for now guard this drive with your life!

                  3) Remove the old "Fail Safe" drive & Install the blank new drive. (Remove the two cables at the drive side only not at the systemboard take care not to break or bend any of the connector pins) press the release tab of the connector & pull the connector straight out so you won’t break or bend any pins!

                  4) Download the un-zipped 2.4 iso image (use below link).

                  WARNING: Installing an image will erase all data on the drive.
                  During install when prompted answer any questions,
                  Once your image is installed you will be prompted to reboot
                  Remove the CD from the drive so it won't boot again.
                  Select reboot.

                  5) Burn the “Un-zipped” 2.4 iso image to a blank 700mb CD-R using the free iso disc burning program (ISO Recorder, below link) that you can download using the below link that's on the forums wiki page, if necessary make the CD drive the first boot device in bios put the disc in the drive close the tray and reboot the appliance.


                  Your image is installed!

                  6) Extremely
                  IMPORTANT: do the final below steps that are in the 2.4 install wiki instructions:


                  Important: If you cannot connect to your Vortexbox with your web browser ... Your Vortexbox IP address has changed ... Login to your appliance at the command prompt type "ifconfig" without the quotes to find your new Vortexbox IP address.

                  7) Restore your music/movie libraries from your USB backup drive using the same Vortexbox GUI USB backup app however this time select restore from USB backup (this to can take some time)!

                  Important: Only If needed:
                  Ensure all your external audio output device cables are securely seated in there respective ports of your appliance.

                  8) Only If needed: Restore your "Configure Player" settings that you photographed earlier.

                  Your Done!

                  Things you will need:

                  a) You will need an external USB drive that is of sufficient size to backup what's on your 2TB internal drive.

                  b) You should purchase a 3TB internal drive to swap out your active 2TB internal drive, this original drive will be your "Fail Safe".drive, purchase a Western Digital “Red”drive 5400rpm 64mb cache to keep you appliance overhead down.
                  (optional: add more memory if you can 2 sticks of 2gb for a total of 4gb).

                  c) Purchase a small box of blank 700mb CD-R's ( you will only need one) a Phillips screw driver.

                  WARNING: deviate from the above procedure at your own Risk!
                  If you feel that you do not have the ability to remove your old Hard Drive "stop and get competent help)!
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                    Thanks for that. Which one of the disk image files should I download? I see a zip and an iso as well as two md5sum files.


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                      4) Download the un-zipped 2.4 iso image (use below link).

                      5) Burn the “Un-zipped” 2.4 iso image to a blank 700mb CD-R.
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                        I downloaded the iso. Looks like I can use that. Thanks.


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                          Great! Your Welcome!


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                            drp101 ... I recommend burning the non zipped iso file to a CDR to do the 2.4 upgrade that works well, be sure to make the cd drive the first boot device in bios and when installing you must have a working ethernet connection and have that working Ethernet connection connected to your VortexBox.
                            let us know if your successful.
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                              Unlikely the issue in this thread, but just in case. If one had installed the "ickstream" plugin in LMS, this was turned off recently and some users have found that LMS wouldn't open because of this. If this is the case, see:


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                                Thanks for the heads-up on that garym. I can't test it because I'm about halfway through Doris' advice on upgrading to VB 2.4 and I have already swapped out the hard drive for a new blank one. Interestingly, I had Ick Stream running on the VB on which LMS stopped working. I did not have it on a version of LMS installed on the Mac I am using to type this post, and that version of LMS did not have a problem.