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  • Forgot How to Access Basic GUI

    My old PC crashed. I would like to backup my Vortexbox appliance but I can't seem to get to the home screen with the backup icon and other basic icons. The link was a favorite on my old PC. I should know this but it has been along time since I set it up. I'm running 2.4 and I use a Logitech touch. I have no problem loading or accessing files on my VBA from my new PC. Thanks for any help to jog my memory.

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    In your web browser address box type in the IP address of your vortexbox
    To get the IP address of the VortexBox you can look on
    So for example if the IP of your VortexBox is type in the web browser Address box.


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      Of course! That did it, I'm backing up now. I haven't had to anything to the system since I upgraded to 2.4 over a year ago, which means it is a reliable system. At some point I will adopt the new Micro Rendu/Roon platform, but I'm content with my VBA/touch system for now. Thank you Doris, you got me going, just like last time and I really appreciate it. Long live the Vortexbox forum!